23rd School Annual Report


Looking to the poor education facilities being available in 1993. The School Management decided to start an English Medium School with modern curriculum concept and values to help the students and parents of the Dharamgarh Sub-division. This facility was difficult to provide owing to the backwardness of the area.

It is rightly said that everything big starts small. Great achievements have their origin in small beginnings. A similar story can be said about the humble beginnings of “EL NISSI MISSION SCHOOL”. The school runs by Philadelphia Ministries and Charitable Trust. The school started functioning on August 23rd1993 in a rented building with just 6 students. The staff strength was just two and the going had been very tough in the beginning.

A year later, November1994 the School shifted to its own campus and facilities here at Zion Nagar the need for schools own transportation facilities arose and thus a minivan was hired for the purpose but now 9 buses are available for different areas like Dharamgarh Town, Dehobog, Behera, Parla, Santhikulari, etc., and TATA Maximo vehicle is using for Town Branch Students.

Initially there were just three rooms and the classes were conducted in their rooms in the Academic year 1996-97 the classes were shifted to the new building having spacious class rooms. In the same academic year the process for the Affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi began and the same was obtained. Now at present 30 rooms are available for the better education.

Excellence in Academics is the hall mark of our Institution. As stated earlier the education and exposure given here is at par with that of the metro city. Our ex-students will testify to this fact. We are of the firm opinion that people need not send their children to cities paying a hefty sum of amount, when the same can be afforded right here at Dharamgarh for lower amounts. Today I can proudly tell that our ex-students placed in good professional colleges in India and Abroad to excel in other professionals levels.

The sincere efforts of the School Management have not gone in vain. Their hard labour is paying rich dividends today in a bid to further improve the quality of the School. The School New building is in line with the pattern of the Central Board of Secondary Education for the up- gradation of our school from Secondary level to Senior secondary level.

In the Academic year 2013-14 the process for the up gradation with the C.B.S.E, New Delhi began and the same was obtained on 24th June 2013 and C.B.S.E granted provisional affiliation to our School for Senior School Certificate Examination. We are happy to inform you all that 11th class that is + 2 C.B.S.E first year (Science stream & I.T) session will start form June 2016.

EL NISSI will stand up to your expectation in building for your ward a bright future. The alumnae of our School are standing out superior to all other student in the IIT merit group in the best IIT coaching institute. Even now the school has earned a good name not only in the town but also nearby state and Chattisgarh. Now students from faraway places are reading here in EMS. Ours is the only School affiliated to the Central Board of the Secondary Education in the Sub-division. At present 600 students are studying in our School from Nursery to X. There are 32 teaching Staff, 5 Administrative staff and 18 non-teaching and technical staff to serve the School educating and building the lives of the children to develop their careers and to make them responsible citizens.

Now let me briefly state the various activities of the school in the course of last academic year (2015-16).

Academic Excellence:

Our teachers meet periodically to discuss the various issues related to academics that will help in enhancing the quality of education. In 2011-12, two of our students secured 10 Grade points in the CBSE Board Examinations (CCE Pattern). In 2012-13 the record was improved by 8 students. Last academic session 2013-14, it was improved further by 11 students. This year 2015, our previous record of 11 meritorious students has now become 17 a very stupendous record in the whole of Kalahandi. The CBSE board awards Certificate of merit for all 17 students.

  1. Aditya Agrawal
  2. Anmol Agrawal
  3. Ayush Agrawal
  4. Binayak Sahoo
  5. Lucky Agrawal
  6. Mahak Agrawal
  7. Manish Ku. Jha
  8. Muskan Agrawal
  9. Nipsita Panda
  10. Pratush Ku. Mallik
  11. Sowmya Ranjan Jena
  12. Priyanka Parida
  13. Suyash Gargh
  14. Annu Khemka
  15. Lalatendu Dansena
  16. Pravash Senapathi
  17. Sailesh Agrawal

It is a matter of pride that the above 17 students obtained 10 Grade Points in all five subjects and this record very clearly shows our commitment to improve our Academic track records with every passing year.

 Co-curricular Activities:                                                                       

       In the co-curricular field also we have scored very well with our students participating and achieving remarkable success in various competitions like English, Hindi and Odia essay & debate, Quiz & Song.

 Our students had participated in iOEL (international Olympiad of English Language) competition and shown their performance by achieving 10 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals and 5 Bronze Medals.

In ABHO (Akhil Bharatya Hindi Olympiad) competition our students achieved by 08 Gold Medals, 08 Silver Medals and 7 Bronze Medals.

In iSSO (International Social Stuties Olympiad) competition our students achieved by 05 Gold Medals, 04 Silver Medals and 5 Bronze Medals.

 In iTHO (International Talent Hunt Olympiad) competition our students achieved by 33 Gold Medals, 15 Silver Medals and 10 Bronze Medals.

Senior Level Parade Students achieved 1st position in the Block Level on the eve of Republic Day, 26th Jan 2016.

As per the direction of the CBSE, Our Swachh Bharath Abhiyan programme was conducted in which all students and teachers are actively involved by cleaning the school campus and also taken the Pledge that Cleanliness is next to Godliness

The 5th Annual Science Exhibition was conducted at Dharamgarh Town Hall and the same was inaugurated by Shri. Vineet Bharadwaj, I.A.S, Project Director, DRDA, Bhawanipatna. Students from other Schools and general Public attended in great number and their response was really overwhelming.

El Nissi had celebrated World Book and Copyright day, 2015 through Essay writing competition with the theme of “Good reader is man of Wisdom and caliber” and implementing an English proverb “Reading makes a Full Man, Writing makes a complete man and Speaking makes a Ready man”

Children’s Day was observed by conducting 22nd Annual Sports Day on 14th November 2015.

CBSE /CCE Activities:

          The CBSE is upgrading and improving the Curriculum by introducing new approach to the CCE programs to make CBSE standard and world class.

The students of our School have been participating all the 13 (CCE) Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, Co-scholastic activities on every academic year and they are actively involved to make these project activities more needful.

          As per the CBSE instructions, International Yoga Day was observed on 21st June 2015 at School premises.

          In order to commemorate the 128th Birth anniversary of Dr.Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujam. As per the instruction of CBSE, our School had celebrated GANIT Week (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovation and Training).

          As per the guidelines of Central Vigilance Commission and Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, our school had observed “Vigilance Awareness Week 2015” the 26th to 31st October 2015 with the theme of “Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance”.

          As per the directions of CBSE and the Transport Authorities, our School had observed “Road Safety Week 2016” with the theme of “Road Safety – Time for Action” and participated in Rally held in Dharamgarh Town. RTO Kalahandi appreciated our active participation.

          Our school had celebrated World Day for Audio Visual Heritage on 27th October 2015 as per the guidelines of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

          El Nissi School Swachhta Campaign; 1st to 15th November 2015, an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India had been observed at School premises with various activities viz., Poster making , Skit carrying messages about sound health practices and personal hygiene.

          Indian Constitution Day had been celebrated on 26th November 2015 at School premises to taking pledge by reciting the Preamble to the constitution.

          As an endeavor to pay tribute to the educationist, scientist, Missile man and people’s president Dr. A.P.J  Abdul Kalam, on his birthday our School had conducted CBSE expression series as per the directions from CBSE.

          To pay tribute to “the Father of Nation- Mahatma Gandhi”, our School had conducted the CBSE expression series with various themes and competitions, Govt. of India.

          Our School students had involved the activity of Energy conservation programme – painting competition which was organised by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

          World No Tobacco Day 2015 program had been observed by the students at School premises with the theme of “The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use” through Poster making and Essay writing competitions, creating knowledge of ill-effect of Tobacco.


Development Activities and Facilities:

TATA Digital Classrooms:

          To enhance teaching techniques our School is using TATA Digital classrooms from Class VI to X since 2013. Current academic session i.e 2016-17, 7 more Digital rooms will be added for the betterment of the students. There will be 10 TATA Digital classrooms from class V to XI (+2 first year) fulltime and 2 Digital rooms will utilized for lower class students shift-wise. The introduction of Digital classes has greatly boosted the perception capacity of the students by the audio-video methods of teching.

Potable Water Facility:

          We have installed 4 R.O Water purifiers to provide the pure water to the students of El Nissi.


          Our School has created the best Science laboratory on Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as Computer

CCTV Cameras:

          To monitor the activities and the performance of the students and teachers inside and outside of the class rooms, our School has installed 32 CCTV cameras including campus and School main gate.

Beautification of the School Campus:

          To make a Facelift the School premise, stone benches and railing work have been done an more things are in the offing including toys and game.

Training Programme for Teachers:

          We have also signed a contract with TATA Class Edge on 21st March for the new programme.

          To implement the concept of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) effectively, our School teachers were involved in Capacity Building Programme of CCE by Juana Technologies, New Delhi. They will conduct program for students on 19th to 21st April to develop goal setting.

          To access proper and effective teaching in TATA digital rooms, our teachers were involved in refresher training as well as pedagogy training by TATA Interactive System.

Hostel Facility:

          Our Director has inaugurated the Zion Hall (Boys’ Hostel) for the students of Elnissi at School campus, (2016-17).     

Let me conclude:

The School sticks to its principle of providing Quality Education at paramount top Schools to the people of the Town and shall continue to maintain its efforts toward improving the Quality further. We need your co-operation and continue your support for the quality Education to all the denizens of Dharamgarh and nearby villages and towns.

God has hither to helped us and is Ebenezer to us.